OSC Computer Training alumni have provided testimonials regarding their experiences at the school, and how it has improved their skills and made a difference in their career paths and their lives. If you were a past student and would like to send a testimonial to OSC Computer Training, please email info@oscct.com.

My name is Anthony Gordon, and I had the privilege of attending the OSC Computer Training class here in Stockton, CA. I’m a veteran. I was enrolled in the Microsoft Office Core Skills. This course was a tremendous help to me, in that it sharpened the minimal skills that I started with, also I learned to type better! It helped a great deal that the classroom setting was kept quiet. This made it easy for me to study. I enjoyed my time here. If you get a chance to go here, I would say do it! It’s worth it.

Anthony Gordon, Stockton, CA
Microsoft Office Core Skills, 2015

Lawrence HunterMy experience at OSC Computer Training has been a remarkable one. The staff was polite and made me feel welcome. The instructions were also polite and encouraging. I received excellent support throughout my education training process. I also received career assistance in preparing my resume, searching, and applying for jobs. I became employed with two jobs using the help offered at this school. Thanks.

Lawrence Hunter, Sacramento, CA
Business Administrative Assistant, 2015

As an online student, much of my learning occurred through reading and practicing assignments and taking tests on the computer. What’s important is that you came to the rescue when I got stuck and couldn’t go any further on my own. Within a distance learning environment you’re quite proficient at teaching through interactive conversation, either by phone while sharing computer screens or by written text on Skype.

Rebecca Vaughn, Chino, CA
Bookkeeping & Office Specialist, 2015

Thanks for answering an overdue prayer.

Shelley McCartney, Groveland, CA
Business Administrative Assistant, 2012

I can never thank you enough for your patience, dedication and expertise you have accorded me at OSCCT. This note comes your way with much love and gratitude.

Teresa Javier, Sacramento, CA
Business Administrative Assistant, 2010

Losing our jobs has been a most stressful time in our lives and the thought of having to learn a totally new job skill was very intimidating. OSC has made our transition very comfortable and enjoyable. Not only has OSC taught us a new job skill but also guided us through the maze of resumes, job applications, job interview tips, and EDD. No question on any subject important to us went unanswered. For us OSC has been a “Full Service” training institute.

Jolene Williams, Antelope, CA
Business Administrative Assistant, 2008

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OSC Online Training was a great experience. My instructor, Kim, was amazing. She was always readily available to answer questions and supply help; just a Skype call away. Even as an online student, I never felt alone. The administrative office staff, Laurie & Juanita, were consistently helpful and friendly. The curriculum was easy to follow and thorough. The OSC Career Component Instructor, Cindy, helped prepare me for interviewing, and I accepted a “dream job” with a fantastic employer. I am very happy I choose OSC.

Juli G., Coarsegold, CA
Web Design & Programming, 2016

Louise CooperOSC Computer Training is the go-to place for continuous self-improvement in any type of computer training courses. I took the Business Administrative Assistant I course in 2008, and knew this was the place I wanted to come to after receiving my Masters in technology to update my skills 5 years later. It’s still a great learning experience, especially since they have Ms. Kim Tran, who is knowledgeable in all course topics. The institute is informative, friendly and offers great advice to students. Everything was explained in detail, and you are made to feel like you are part of a family.

Louise Cooper, Sacramento, CA
Web Design & Programming, 2016

I recently attended OSC Computer Training to learn Web Design & Programming. My time at the school was enjoyable as well as educational. Each day I added to my list of marketable skills. My Instructor, Kim, was always available to provide direction and support. Even though she was at the Sacramento campus and I was in Stockton, she was always just a Skype away. Kim was a professional and my daily conversations with her were informative as well as pleasant. Her knowledge was instrumental in the successful launching of my very first website. I feel confident that I will use the tools I’ve learned here in my future endeavors.

Sharon Hoffman, Manteca, CA
Web Design & Programming, 2016

Caitlin RobinsonIt was a great learning experience at OSC! I recently graduated with my Graphic Design and Office Specialist Certificate and am changing careers to being a Graphic Designer. My instructor, Kim Tran, was very well informed and approachable when I had questions on the coursework. Through her instruction, I was able to learn Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC, as well as Microsoft Office 2013. She was a valuable resource as I was putting up my digital portfolio on Behance.

I could not have asked for a more professional learning environment at OSC. I really appreciated the self-paced schedule which encouraged me to finish work faster and learn the programs in a more indepth manner. This has prepared me for interviews in the Graphic Design field.

Caitlin Robinson, Sacramento, CA
Graphic Design & Office Specialist, 2016

Mauro QuibinOSC Computer Training is a great place to further one’s occupational skill set. I needed to supplement my knowledge in graphics web design, and the program they offered not only met my expectations, but exceeded it. What I enjoyed most was the freedom to study and work at your own pace. I found the experience studying and working with the Instructor, Kim Tran, to be enjoyable and rewarding. I would most definitely recommend this program to anyone looking towards gaining a new career, or expanding their own potentiality.

Mauro Quibin, Long Beach, CA
Web Design & Programming, 2016

Maria Lorena ShindledeckerOSC Computer Training’s Web Design and Programming program is amazing! I was skeptical at first on how effective it would be learning to design and program web pages through distant learning program, but my instructor, Kim Tran, showed me different. She was always available to answer all of my questions and guided me through every chapter of the way. It always felt as if I was studying in the classroom. I have graduated knowing that I have the tools and skills to design attractive and successful websites, giving me an edge in this competitive field.

Maria Lorena Shindledecker, Temecula, CA
Web Design & Programming, 2016

David BarrettI have just completed the Web Design & Programming Program offered by OSC Computer Training and was instructed by Ms. Kim Tran. The course was made more immediate by the use of Skype which allowed Ms. Tran to access my computer and give me person-to-person instructions in real time. Ms. Tran was polite and pleasant and able to devise diverse approaches to presenting the material so that I remained connected and involved. I was pleased by her calm presentation and her ability to explain complex topics in an orderly and understandable way. I highly recommend OSC Computer Training which allowed me to complete a complex course through telecommuting. I also recommend Ms. Kim Tran not only for her technical skills, but more importantly, for her ability to communicate.

David Barrett, Oceanside, CA
Web Design & Programming, 2015

Sabrina McNallyThank you for the opportunity to increase my skills in a professional, supportive and friendly learning environment.

Sabrina McNally, Elk Grove, CA
Web Design & Programming, 2011

Losing our jobs has been a most stressful time in our lives and the thought of having to learn a totally new job skill was very intimidating. OSC has made our transition very comfortable and enjoyable. Not only has OSC taught us a new job skill but also guided us through the maze of resumes, job applications, job interview tips, and EDD. No question on any subject important to us went unanswered. For us OSC has been a “Full Service” training institute.

Mike Williams, Antelope, CA
Desktop Publishing, 2008

David BarrettMy thanks to Jeff Schwarz and Roy Torres, for their great instruction during my CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security+ programs. Jeff Schwarz has great insight into Windows and computer concepts. Roy Torres’ meticulous attention to detail and drive to assist students are qualities of a great teacher, adding to an already great teaching team.

My thanks to Cindy Zoeller with my Career Services Training. She has patience and a wealth of knowledge to assist in preparation for employment, before and after graduation.

Norman John Weimar Jr., Lodi, CA
Network+; Computer HW & SW Support Specialist; Security+, 2016